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Boquiñeni, a cozy and quiet village

Hospital del Temple cottage is located in Boquiñeni, 40 km from Zaragoza and 35 km from Tudela (Navarra) a perfect place to escape from the routine, to people who like the tranquility and nature.
When you arrive to our village you will find a quiet place, equipped with all services and very close to Zaragoza.
Enjoy every corner of this charming town, its streets, its squares, its monuments, its tradition and gastronomy and, of course, its impressive nature.
Without leaving Boquiñeni you can do many activities; Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Canoeing, Fishing and Hunting, Swimming, Hiking, Biking ...
In the village you can do sports activities, as the village has excellent sports facilities with: swimming pools, grass soccer field, tennis court, playground, as well as covered pavilion for other activities, municipal play area, picnic area, laundry room Municipal and beautiful streets and squares to get lost.
In the municipality of Boquiñeni lies the Embalse de la Loteta, near the Basque-Aragonese highway at km 254.5 and the national highway 232, specifically in the Barranco del Carrizal, which is exploited for tourist use and water sports, Especially appreciated by kite lovers, for its excellent qualities and constant air, our fence is the engine that attracts hundreds of athletes.
 In our term runs a section of the Natural Path of the Ebro GR99, which is a hiking route that has the Ebro as axis and reference.
There are also scars of ancient meanders in the enclave of "Galacho de Los Fornazos", located on the right bank of the Ebro, in the terms of Boquiñeni and Pradilla, During the spring a green spot covers the space and numerous birds build their nests here .
It is a perfectly communicated locality that allows to know other localities that are nearby like:
 The Five Villas and its pretty medieval villages (Sos del Rey Católico, Sadaba, Uncastillo ..)

The Natural Park of Moncayo and Tarazona

The Stone Monastery

Tudela and the Park of Senda Viva

... and of course Zaragoza, just half an hour from our house.


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Visiting unique environments

Temple hospital bed is authentic, charming personality, quality tourism close to Zaragoza.
It is located in a perfect place to escape from routine, to people who like tranquility and nature.
Our house is ideal for visiting unique environments in various habitats, as it is close to the Natural Park of Moncayo and Pre-Pyrenees. Flowers, birds and insects are accessible to all.
Boquiñeni is located in the Upper Ribera del Ebro, an enclave of routes for both walking and cycling:
Follow the footsteps of Cervantes

Follow the footsteps of Cervantes

Ruta del Quijote: Follow the footsteps of Cervantes from Pedrola to Alcala de Ebro, where is located the famous Insula Barataria of our Don Quixote. From Boquiñeni by the CP-32 road and crossing the nearby town of Luceni, two peoples linked to one of the great works of world literature such as Don Quixote, you come to meet us. Pedrola and Alcala de Ebro from Luceni is taken CV-615 to the N-232nd left and after traveling five kilometers away, back to the left, the crossing that leads directly to Pedrola and Alcalá de Ebro, where in addition to the rich orchard bank we can echoing what remains in these locations of Cervantes delirium.
Besides knowing the Palace of the Dukes of Villahermosa in Pedrola, where it seems that was housed Miguel de Cervantes in nearby Alcalá de Ebro us we can also get an idea of ​​how it must have been the ephemeral domain that Sancho Panza had the Ínsula Barataria. And although not in the area, we may well accompany this visit, for a better atmosphere, with a good piece of cheese Tronchón, mentioned in Don Quixote ...
Hospital Bed Ruta Mudejar Temple

Mudéjar Route

Mudéjar Route: The Ebro and Mudejar ordered this route between fertile banks and arid drylands. Utebo stands one of the most spectacular Moorish towers travel, the Tower of Mirrors at the Church of the Assumption. The Curious OSSA Museum of Science and Technology of s. XX complete a varied offer. In 15 minutes Alagón, a town that retains part of the Jewish and Muslim aljamas addition to the Mudejar tower of St. Peter, the church of San Antonio and the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Castillo is reached. It has good cultural offer in the Spanish-Mexican Contemporary Museum and a striking example of industrial architecture in the building of the former sugar. Tauste to reach the A-126, which runs along the escarpment of gypsum and salt mines swirls recommended. If you opt for the N-232 we recommend visiting Alcala de Ebro, a town mentioned as Insula Barataria in Don Quixote, and a spectacular promenade along a meander of the river Ebro.
Gastronomic Route: From Boquiñeni

Gastronomic Route: From Boquiñeni

Gastronomic Route: From Boquiñeni to propose swirls on this route infect the twists and turns that mark the route of the Ebro River in its middle section. It will not be, therefore, a linear path; during the journey we go from one bank to another river, but always the orchard will be in this coming and going. And of garden products, borage will be entitled to exercise guided by a territory, that of the High Ribera del Ebro, where what you eat is directly related to that occurs, ie, many vegetables, a variety of fruits, and other processed products displayed in a very broad traditional recipes.
Camino de Santiago pilgrimage

Camino de Santiago pilgrimage

Ruta Jacobea: Meet one of the routes most unknown and authentic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.
Alagón, we pass under the highway and continue by road to Cabanas de Ebro. We cross this town and continue along the Ebro. We crossed the Insula Barataria by road and arrived at Alcala. From here, we continue along the Ebro way to slowly approach the railway along which we enter Luceni. In this town, we continue by road to Gallur, but not before turning off until Boquiñeni and enjoy their hospitality and people.
Hospital temple tourism route Goya Aragon culture

Hospital temple tourism route Goya Aragon culture

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, one of the great geniuses of painting was born in 1746 in the town of Zaragoza Fuendetodos. Although his life and artistic experience takes place at different points of European geography, always he maintained a special relationship with their place of origin, Aragon.
In different parts of the Aragonese territory are manifestations of his prolific career, either as part of museum collections or decorating civil and religious buildings, to discover following the itinerary here
 Goya was born in the house that his maternal grandparents had in a village in Zaragoza, Fuendetodos, where run their first months of life.

In Fuendetodos homage to the most famous person born in this population with several cultural centers focused on their person surrenders. So you can visit the birthplace of Goya, purchased by the painter Zuloaga Iganacio in 1913 to make it artistic center. Nearby stands the Museum Grabadoinaugurado in 1989, in which the graphic work of Goya permanently in the first and second floors, with a selection of prints from its most important series is exposed: Los Caprichos, The Disasters of War , The Bullfight and The Follies.

Its formative stage takes place in the city of Zaragoza, under the tutelage of painter Jose Luzan. He lives with his family in several properties located in the old town as is the building located at No. 4 in the Plaza de San Miguel. Travel to Italy between 1769 and 1771 and on his return receives important religious orders in the province of Zaragoza as the decoration of the Church of the Cartuja de Aula Dei, situated on the road to Peñaflor (Zaragoza), and which performs a cycle of eleven mural paintings which today can be seen seven other sets with the theme of the "Fathers of the Church" in the spandrels that support the domes of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Fuente Muel, the parish church of swirls and the church of San Juan el Real in Calatayud.
In the House of Culture of Alagón, located in a former school of the Society of Jesus of the eighteenth century, you can admire the dome crowning the stairwell, a mural fresco attributed to Francisco de Goya called Exaltation of the Name of Jesus.
In the library of the Palacio de Villahermosa in Pedrola you can see an oil painting by Goya, Portrait of Ramon de Pignatelli.


In the city of Zaragoza painted canvases to decorate the chapel of the Palace of the Counts of Sobradiel, and its most important task decoration dome Coreto of the Basilica del Pilar de Zaragoza, for performing fresh Adoration of the name God, begun in 1772.
Grenache route hardening hospital bed Borja wine

Route of the Garnacha

Route of the Garnacha extends through the winegrowing region of the DO Campo de Borja, at the foot of Moncayo, descending through the valley of Huecha to the Ebro. To the northwest of the province of Zaragoza, 60 km from the capital, access is via the N-122 which connects it with Soria or the AP-68, Zaragoza Navarra, Basque Country and La Rioja. High speed trains arriving at Zaragoza airport or placed Zaragoza Route of the Garnacha near anywhere in the country.
 Natural Camino del Ebro GR 99e river Ebro water Boquiñeni

Multitude of different environments

Around the Ebro coexist multitude of different environments and landscapes thanks to the presence of canyons, mountains, thickets, meanders, islands and gullies. Because of its ecological value have been declared a good list of protected natural areas, making their care and conservation are insured / ebro
adventure park fun natue

Sendaviva the adventure park

Sendaviva, the adventure park and fun for the whole family, offers visitors a perfect combination of entertainment, nature and emotion.
With 120 hectares it is the largest in Spain and is located in the Ribera of Navarre, specifically in the town of Arguedas, alongside the Bardenas (declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve) and 15 kilometers Tudela and 55 of Boquiñeni
Jewish imprint on the Five Towns

Jewish imprint on the Five Towns

Jewish imprint on the Five Towns is shared by much of the region with an excellent state of preservation vast majority. We can find examples in towns like Ejea de los Caballeros (Barrio Crown), Taussig, Moon, Luesia, Uncastillo (New Quarter), El Frago, Biel (Green Barrio) and Sos del Rey Catolico exhibit the Sephardic past in different juderías They born during the SS. XI and XII.


Boquiñeni is one of the municipalities of the Ribera Alta del Ebro. This district offers its visitors the kindness of its people, culture, nature and tradition that makes it possible to do many activities during the visit to our rural house.


The Moncayo (2,315 m), the mythical "Monte Cano", is the roof of the Iberian System. Dominant on the steppes of the Ebro Valley and the páramos of Castile, Aragonese and Castilian at one time, this Natural Park shows us two very different faces.
The northern slope, cooler and wetter, to walk along its paths is to marvel at floors of vegetation as diverse as oak, beech and pine forests, until reaching the summits. From these we will contemplate a spectacular panorama, which on clear days reaches the Pyrenees or the Iberian and Central systems.


The Loteta Reservoir is located in the municipality, close to the Basque-Aragonese highway at km 254.5 and the national road 232, specifically in the Barranco del Carrizal, which is exploited for tourist use and water sports, especially appreciated For lovers of kitesurft, for its excellent qualities and constant air, our shutter is the engine that attracts hundreds of athletes.


Zaragoza offers its visitors a rich historical and artistic heritage, fruit of its more than two thousand years of history. Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians have left a mark of their passage through the capital, making it worthy of the title of City of Four Cultures.
But it is also a modern and cosmopolitan city that offers the visitor a rich avant-garde architecture.
Gastronomy, leisure and culture just 30 kms from our farmhouse.

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